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Expat Center East Netherlands and Expat Center Food Valley are independent organizations that have decided to work together.

Expat Center East Netherlands is an initiative of World Trade Center Twente. Expat Center Food Valley is an initiative of the Municipality of Wageningen, Wageningen University and Research centre, Keygene, Food Valley NL, and is supported by the Province of Gelderland. Expat Center Food Valley works closely together with Expat Center East Netherlands. The working methods regarding immigration and formalities are similar.


We both offer services to companies and organisations who are hiring or hosting foreign professionals.

Moving to another country means dealing with all kinds of questions and practical issues regarding living and working in your new country of residence. We provide information about immigration and formalities, housing, taxes, insurance and finance, and social life and leisure. We can help you with all official formalities to be taken care of but also with such things as finding a place to live or helping your partner to find a job – any issue that can make your move pleasant and smooth when settling in the Netherlands. Expat Center East Netherlands also has her own Relocation Service in which we offer personal assistance in finding a house for you and your family.

We aim to realize a fast and smooth introduction of expats and their families into the East Netherlands region. By offering social activities we can help expats make them feel at home. Getting to know dutch customs and habits and make new friends. It is the ideal way to bring people together.

To give you an idea of the kind activities we offer click here.